i miss u "kdrama"
today i watch first episode from " i miss u " and the result is this drama really make me crying like a river wonder i will buy a lot of tissue watch this drama.Yoochun really make great decision choose this drama and i bet he gonna win another award from this drama t

since 2 episode full of their story when they 15 i am not gonna comment about eun hye now,but i know she always suprise me with her acting.This gonna be added to my favourite list kdrama include all yoochun drama,but for eun hye i only like her character in coffee prince and princess hours for the rest i don't really like it.

cavewoman mode on
many my cyber friend ask me why i am not super active on twitter again the problem is cavewoman period is come...yap my mood reading so many books come is fun because i can finish all the book and reread again some.I made friend again because BIGBANG and the grup name ahjumma because we have same age and the oldest 30 years old,plus i can't believe our home so close each other.Now everytime going somewhere like karaoke,watch movie or going to kpop gath we always go together and talk everything we want.

My rambling moment off now ....

BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR CONCERT at jakarta.indonesia
forgot telling story my experince when attended BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR at jakarta indonesia....
what i feel is super excited because meet BIGBANG of course plus my cyber friend hohoho....thank GOD i meet them all but to bad can't take picture together :(.


this is after concert with she and yesa at first day concert,you see i hold seungri fan everytime people saw this pic they will say my bias is seungri,but hey let me tell you seungri and daesung really capture my eyes at concert damm those maknae really know how to ruin my ultimate bias T.O.P


how can i am not falling in love with them :) 


we hold daesung banner from HIGHLITE one of fansite daesung from korea ^^

this is me i try to be cute but failed no one can't beat baby dolphin junsu tumblr_m9fqpnvmIb1qav8v0o1_500

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i just saw pic from twitter,there was a jaejong poster standing beside tim hwang poster concert.On that poster write 3 november jaejong fan meeting in jakarta *let me die 

here we go i can't believe my country indonesia have amazing kpop concert list after BEAST,SUPER JUNIOR SUPERSHOW,XIA JUNSU and the last MBLAQ on june.
and for august we have MISS A 

next september SMTOWN

next oktober BIGBANG 2 day concert and i am gonna attend ^^

next november wonder girls

and for information this is a first time they come to indonesia except super junior this 3rd time they come,and for desember we have another kpop concert but still secret BUT i hear FT ISLAND and T-ARA gonna coming ,i found a good tweet from @koreanupdates this "KoreanUpdates.com @KoreanUpdates

Be careful what you wish for Indonesian Kpoppers.. you wish for them to come here to have a concert, don't cry because you can't go." love this tweet ^^

enough my rambling moment see yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaa 
before i forgot Yoochun deleted his twitter TT__TT,and i though junsu follow yoochun too but junsu mom tweet because he buy  a new phone and install twitter aplication he forgot the password aigooo junsu yah ...
and GDRAGON finally have a twitter plus instagram too ^^


i am sleepy so goodnight ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

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gonna see jiyong smile haiyaaaaaa ^^

see them doing dorky things can't wait october please coming fast 
and of course my lovely choom ajushi T.O.P

enough my rambling moment and of course junsu aka xia concert at 16 june so happyyy 

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i can't believe it junsu gonna concert on my country 

gahhh look at those picture JUNSU WHY YOU SO SEXY but why you look so skinny i hope you can gain weight a little bit ...

ohh ROOFTOP PRINCE finish last week,i really enjoy watch this k drama,they have many good scene and of course magical moment ^^

my magical moment coming from ep 20 

Memories’ will allow us to be together forever…
The warm support & love that you have given me.
I will cherish this moment…
even after 300 years… …♥

i really want to be park ha ... those word is so romantic 
today is not good as always my short happiness coming again wondering until when i always feel like that TT_TT
enough my rambling again GOODNIGHT !!!!!!!!!

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what i am gonna do this weekend ???
of course watch my favourite drama ROOFTOP PRINCE and read new book 
and about rooftop prince gahhhh i can't stop reblogging this pic on my tumblr chun + glasses =lookksss so dayuumm

plus one thing about my lovely BIG BABY seunghyun choi he change again her hair back to brown hair so bye bye blue man gonna miss this hair  

this end of may my order from korea gonna coming like DVD YGFAM CONCERT,CROWNSTICK,HOODIE BIGBANG ALIVE plus JUNSU AKA XIA ALBUM ^^
if my mom knew i spend my money for this thing she gonna hang me on the tree because my mom thing don't spent money unless is really2x important for your life such a like buy clothes or a new gagdet but i can't stop ^^

enough my stupid personal mood today ^^

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my sister onna married next week nothing is wrong but the problem is she my little sister so everybody ask when i am gonna married soon and why my little sister married first ..
in my country if your little sister or little brother married first before you that call taboo and break the culture plus is not easy sometimes big sister or brother make a hard wish like buy something really expensive or sometimes makes they wait until big sister or bother married first but nowadays is easy because many people do that and is not taboo anymore
that question sometimes make my mood become really bad but sometimes i just ignores that question and just smile...
i feel lonely this year because my cuttie cat chunnie *you can guise easy where that name come from and because i can't
resist A MAN who have beautiful smile * not beside me anymore because he died last year december a week after my birthday*is really make me crying like a river and every night i can't sleep because chunnie always sleep with me...
so this year make myself busy everything i do so i can forget the sad day and my little sister married 
thanks GOD BIGBANG comeback this year 


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